Wycombe House Tennis – Club Rules

Wycombe House Tennis Codes of conduct

  • Tennis / Sports attire must be worn at all times with non-marking tennis shoes / trainers.

  • Members / Club coach must follow and abide by the court booking rules.

  • Members / Club coach must not divulge the passcode for court access to non members.

  • Members shall not use audible obscenities, make obscene gestures of any kind, or spit whilst on court.
  • Members shall not violently , dangerously or in anger hit , kick or throw tennis balls , racquets or other equipment.
  • Members shall not at any time physically or verbally abuse any other member, visitor or spectator.
  • Members shall at all times conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner with due regard to the authority of club officials, senior and junior members and the rights of opponents, spectators and visitors.
  • Members shall be fully responsible for the conduct of their guests and payment of visitors fees.

Failure to abide by the above rules may result in disciplinary action by the club which could result in membership being revoked or suspended. 

Signed on behalf of Wycombe House Tennis committee – May 2017 (Revised July 2019)

Loretta Clements – Wycombe House Tennis Secretary

Club Welfare Officer – Ruth Williams : Tel 07958 444107

Wycombe House Court booking guidelines

  • Courts may only be booked by members of the following Subscription categories
    Full / Couple / Summer (Full) / Winter (Full) / Mid-Week / Intermediate
  • No courts may be booked during Social club times, if you arrange to play a match or have coaching during these times you may be asked to leave the court .
  • Courts may be booked to play ladder / other matches or individual coaching outside social or club coaching times subject to court availability.
  • All club matches & team practices need to be booked by the secretary, club captain or team captains.
  • All coaching sessions must be booked by the coach.
  • During league matches courts may only be booked for 1 hour max no coaching permitted.