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The new Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racket Plus 2015 is a puncher ‘. Ideal for players looking for the perfect balance between power and feel from the start of the Babolat Pure Drive, El juego de Tenis developed – Corte surfaces are faster, balls are vibrant, players ‘Arestronger. The new Pure Drive 2015 is designed for the players of your game, to really make the most of your makes like never before. A sexy design makes the design, black and blue is the unsurpassed and technical innovation of the pure drive 2015. Extra Touch of white forthe Disney de la primera vez, highlights the elegant while the pure drive tennis racket remains true to identity. In 2013 A new hit. Babolat launched the first connection: Tennis Racket Babolat Play. This modern LED technology not only he was on the way to a new Intennis in Histoire et Aventure humaine faisant suite à une as well as the production of information that you’ve ever wanted to know about your own game. The collected data in a broad range of players while retaining the traditional centre the test has an impact zone of the racket. Chain FSA interaction technology) is the new Impact Zone FSI technology the pure drive 2015 has been developed system – Woofer bring more feel for players with each hit the ball pattern the strengere in the rotating mass of the strings for better consistency on all lines Evo Beam different thicknesses frames for the power supply elliptic geometry elliptical shape of the frame for larger resistance to twist and bend for more power. Cortex System Lead in the pure racket thanks to their new type Y A CDs (Cortex dampe Ning system) interface, the edition 2012 of the Babolat Active Cortex Technology ensures the perfect transmission of information to the hand to the players with a unique feeling for the ball, with even more power and control in every single lash. Length: 27 (685 mm)/27.5 Head Size: 645 cm/100 Weight: 300 g/10.6 oz Balance: 320 mm/HL – 7pts swing: A A full width: 22 cm – 25 mm Rope, tensio
Brand Name Tennis Racket found in Amazon