Wonder Wagon Babolat RPM Blast 12M Polyester Tennis Racquet String (Black) 241101-105

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Material Composition:Polyester
Length:12 Meters

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  • Reel – 12 m
  • Mono-filament co-polyester octagonal string
  • Maximum tension – 30 kg
  • Gauge – 1.3mm, 16g
  • Extraordinary top spin and maximum control
  • Material: Polyester
  • In-Box Contents: 1 Tennis Racquet String
  • Packed with the up to date technologies, this high-density co-polyester monofilament string offers a totally unique feel and a powerful, ultra-high-speed response. The octagonal section and cross-linked silicone coating allow the strings to quickly return to their original positions and bite the ball better for maximum spin. Babolat is a French tennis, badminton and squash equipment company, headquartered in Lyon, best known for its prime quality strings, tennis racquets and tennis accessories which are used by several top players. The company has made strings since 1875, when Pierre Babolat created the first strings made of natural gut. Babolat continued to concentrate on strings until 1994, when it became a total tennis company, producing also racquet frames and selling them in Europe. It then expanded sales to japan and later to the united states in 2000. Sales of Babolat racquets increased unexpectedly in north The united states, Europe and Asia. Babolat could also be a pioneer in connected sport technology and launched a connected tennis racquet in 2014 and a connected wrist-worn tennis wearable with piq in 2015. Presently product line of Babolat includes racquets, strings, accessories, balls, bags and the like. Which are having huge global demand as a result of its prime quality and performance.

Material Composition:Polyester
Length:12 Meters
Color: black
Style Name:Tennis Racquet